Greatly improved neuroheadset closes in on $1.5 million Kickstarter goal

The Emotiv EPOC neuroheadset (left) and the Emotiv Insight model (right). Photo: Emotiv

Longtime readers know that I’ve been a big supporter of Emotiv’s EPOC neuroheadset from the beginning. Now Emotiv has designed a new device that promises to be much more usable in physically active situations. It’s the Insight, and Emotiv has a worthy Kickstarter project to raise cash for starting the assembly line: EMOTIV INSIGHT: Optimize your brain fitness & performance.

They reached their first goal of $100,000 in two hours. The $1 million stretch goal fell several days later, enabling the addition of a full 6-axis inertial sensor to the device. Now, there are 12 days left to reach the next stretch goal of $1.5 million, which would enable a 3-axis magnetometer.

I’ve put in my order for a research device, so I’ll be updating my Emotiv Engine Client library when I receive the Insight in March 2014. For anybody who’s interested in neural interfaces, this Kickstarter project is worth a glance.

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