Kinect SDK 1.7 with Interactions and Fusion is posted

Get it here.

This release is very exciting, because it includes the amazing Kinect Fusion feature, which enables high-resolution 3D capture in realtime:

High resolution 3D portrait created by using Kinect Fusion. Photo: Kinect for Windows Team / Microsoft

Also, you get gesture recognition out of the box:


A woman demonstrates the new Kinect Interactions, which are included in the Kinect for Windows SDK 1.7: counter-clockwise from top left: 'push' to select, 'grab' to scroll and pan, and wave to identify primary user. Two-handed zoom (top right) is not included but can be built with this new SDK. Photo: Kinect for Windows Team / Microsoft

I can hardly wait to hook up the Kinect sensor to my Surface Pro and walk around my living room, scanning the environment into a 3D model.

The latest Kinect for Windows SDK is here

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