Microsoft and climate science

Longtime readers of Learning Curve know that I have a great deal of interest in climate science (Visualizing Climate Data in Phase Space). So it was with great dismay that I saw the recent Heartland Institute billboard campaign comparing climate scientists with terrorists. As a Microsoft employee, it was distressing to see Microsoft associated with…


SkyDrive limited-time loyalty offer: upgrade to 25GB

Sweet: Limited time loyalty offer More on the new SkyDrive features: Making personal cloud storage for Windows available anywhere, with the new SkyDrive


Tell me about your Metro style app development pain points

I’m heading to TechEd North America 2012 in June, and I’ll be collecting feedback from devs and designers on concerns and issues that confront you in Windows 8. Areas of interest include, but aren’t limited to: Database connectivity (Cloud, SQL, local, web services, etc.) UX design guidance Porting code and migrating from other platforms Authoring…


Creating fast and fluid Metro style apps by using asynchronous operations

As we approach the release of Windows 8, interest in developing Metro style apps is rising. I’m eager to start blogging about the world of Windows 8 coding later this year. In the meantime, we’re getting tantalizing tidbits from the product team’s Windows 8 app developer blog, like this excellent post from Program Manager Jason…


Emotiv Engine Client Library is posted at CodePlex

I finally got my act together and posted the code for my EmoEngineClientLibrary, which is a C# wrapper around the DotNetEmotivSDK.dll assembly that ships with the Emotiv SDK. Browse the source code Browse the documentation overview You may recall this code library from such blog posts as: Kinect-Emotiv mashup prototype Realtime Brainwave Data with WPF…


Windows 8 Consumer Preview is live

Download: Windows 8 Consumer Preview At the start of 2012, I moved from the Server business unit to Windows & Windows Live, to help out with Windows 8. When I showed off the Windows 8 Consumer Preview bits on my sleek new Samsung XE700T1A to an old friend from DevDiv, she told me that I…


Kinect-Emotiv mashup prototype

Longtime readers of the Learning Curve know about my fascination with brainwaves, aka, neurodata (Again with the brainwaves). Then along came Kinect, which provided a pleasant distraction. But how to get the best of both worlds? With the release of the Kinect for Windows SDK, it became an interesting experiment to see if the real-time…


Kinect for Windows SDK v1.0 is posted

Download here. In the three months since Beta 2, there have been many improvements to the SDK and runtime, including: Support for up to four Kinect sensors plugged into the same computer; Significantly improved skeletal tracking, including the ability for developers to control which user is being tracked by the sensor; Near Mode for the…