Official Kinect drivers are released

If you’re like me, you’ve been itching to get under the hood of Kinect. The prospect of a true, Minority Report-like interface is too alluring to resist. 

Tom Cruise manipulates the user interface in Steven Spielberg’s 'Minority Report'.

Rejoice, for the moment is at hand: PrimeSense, the company behind the Kinect 3D technology, has just released the drivers.

To give you a hint of what’s possible, here’s a randomly chosen video from Kinect Hacks.



Download the driver here: OpenNI Binaries. Documentation here: OpenNI Documentation.

via Kinect Hacks

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  1. macias says:

    It is funny because while I cannot wait to think of some great uses of Kinect, Minority Report UI is a disaster — for comparison I can work daily 10h using classic UI, but you would get dead arm effect after half an hour of work using MR UI.

    I think the real promise lies in eye tracking to change/enhance the way how widgets get focus.

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