COM Technical Overview topic is live

COM is Love. DevelopmentorAs one of my first undertakings in my new group, I wrote a little introductory overview of classic COM, which is now live: COM Technical Overview. Before this, we didn’t have a central topic that brings a bunch of fundamental ideas together, so now we have a handy place to link to. Concepts covered:

  • Objects and Interfaces
  • Interface Implementation
  • The IUnknown Interface
  • The Client/Server Model
  • Service Control Manager
  • Reusability
  • Storage and Stream Objects
  • Data Transfer
  • Remoting
  • Security

If you’re a COM jock or somebody who wants to learn about Windows plumbing, you may find this topic to be informative. 

Feedback welcome!

COM Technical Overview

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  1. Colin says:

    I've been to both COM Heaven and COM Hell, implementing runtime regular and IDispatch aggregation systems, dynamic object trees from Compound Files, etc…

    COM Remoting is one of the ugliest things from a asynchronous and networking standpoint.  Will Windows 8 feature firewall-friendly WS-*-like remoting of COM?

  2. Colin says:

    … and support from COM instantiation by CLSID in Silverlight 5 prior to Windows 8 would help get to the new goodness you're talking about.

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