Expression Blend 4 now available for download

Expression Blend 4 makes it easier than ever to design your WPF and Silverlight apps. Here are the official bullet points:

  • Create rich web experiences, games, desktop apps, and more.
  • Design apps that use the full power of Silverlight.
  • Take your ideas from concept to finished project.
  • Work effectively with design tools, Expression Studio, and Visual Studio.

Particularly impressive to me is the SketchFlow feature, which enables rapid prototyping for your WPF and Silverlight applications.

Expression Blend 4 screenshot showing SketchFlow.

SketchFlow prototypes are actual WPF or Silverlight projects, so once your design is finalized, you can choose how much of the prototype you want to reuse.

And you can use Expression Blend 4 to design apps for Windows Phone 7. Imagine your Silverlight applications lighting up in the mobile world.

Download the 60-day free trial and leverage the power of WPF and Silverlight in fun new ways.

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