COM Is Love

New job! I’ve hopped over from the excellent Developer Division User Education org to the cool Windows Server Information Experience group, ‘way on the other side of the Server & Tools business unit, where I’ll be providing sample code and docs for some of the intriguing new Microsoft features. What that means for this blog: the focus moves from .NET Framework technologies to new technologies.

This also means that I’m back in Building 42, where it was comforting to see an artifact from maybe 15 years ago:

COM is Love. DevelopmentorThat’s on a T-shirt in a display case on the 1st floor. The phrase was coined by Don Box, and the logo is from the folks at Developmentor. If you’ve never taken one of their classes, I can recommend them with full enthusiasm: you’ll get a fire hose to the brain of the latest software engineering technology, for days on end. COM Is Love reminds of my C++ roots, and it gives me a warm fuzzy to be back in B42.

But if you’re interested in managed code, don’t despair – WPF and Silverlight are still my favorite UI stacks, and you’ll see plenty of managed apps here in the future.

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  1. Yannick says:

    How lucky you are! COM(+) is such an amazing piece of technology.

  2. Nice.

    –Axel (author of COM-based stuff since 1993)

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