WPF and Bling

Here is one of the coolest applications of WPF ever: Bling. It’s a completely new way to leverage the WPF platform for high-performance graphics development. Bling experiments with a programming model that combines the ease of programming provided by a retained graphics model with the flexibility and performance provided by custom pixel and vertex shaders….

WPF samples now available at Code Gallery

In past versions of our Visual Studio and .NET Framework documentation, you may have experienced frustration when you tried to access our WPF sample code. No more. We’ve picked the best samples, hoisted them out of the docs, updated them for Visual Studio 2010, and uploaded them to Code Gallery: WPF Documentation Samples. You’ll see…

Fun with brainwaves, part 2

As I promised in Fun with brainwaves, part 1, I’ve written a little WPF application that displays realtime data from Emotiv’s Epoc neuroheadset. It’s a very simple monitoring app, named WPFEmotivClient, that displays the data stream from either EmoComposer or Emotiv Control Panel. The idea is to demonstrate that WPF can consume and display Epoc…

Fun with brainwaves, part 1

For years, I’ve been interested in human brainwaves, especially the possibility of using nonlinear dynamics (“chaos theory”) to analyze them. But affordable EEG devices simply have not been available. Back in the early 90s, I built a little device from a kit, but the data had only 6-bit resolution, and there were issues with signal-to-noise…


WPF Designer sample code is posted

If you want to author custom design-time experiences for your WPF controls, this is a good place to start. We have samples for custom adorners, context menus, property value editors, and advanced scenarios. This code is written for Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2, but you should have luck with the Beta 1 bits. A Silverlight…

TestApi v0.3 Posted

Ever wondered how to test your WPF, Windows Forms, .Net Framework, and Win32 applications programmatically? Of course you have. Now there’s the TestApi, a library of test and utility APIs that enables developers and testers to create automated tests for .NET and Win32 applications. TestApi provides a set of common test building blocks — data-structures…

WPF and the Parallel Extensions, Updated

At the request of the Parallel .NET team, I’ve cleaned up the code from my earlier post, WPF and the Parallel Extensions. Reaction-diffusion visualization You can download the code from here: WPF and Parallel .NET. Have fun! Technorati Tags: .NET Framework,Parallel,WPF,Chaos,Fractal

Sensors in my Pocket PC

I like to play around with the occasional new Microsoft technology, and since I recently traded my old Treo for an HTC Touch Pro, it seemed like it might be fun to check out the onboard accelerometers. Fortunately, courageous bloggers have probed the secrets of HTCSensorSDK.dll, culminating in the .NET wrapper by Koush. This makes…


Microsoft and Earth Week

I have to say I’ve been impressed with Microsoft’s recent efforts to green up. All the cafeterias have compostable dining ware now – it’s quite a blast to dump everything on my tray into a single receptacle labeled “Compost.” Now Microsoft is publicly announcing new technologies for managing power consumption. Check out TechNet magazine’s “Going…


Live streaming from MIX ‘09

Don’t miss the live stream from MIX ‘09. Scott Guthrie is on right now. Lots of exciting new announcements coming today.