Using the WPF Designer: Guidance for Windows Forms Developers

If you're a WinForms dev, and you'd like to know how to implement your favorite features in WPF, take note: Our new topic, The WPF Designer for Windows Forms Developers, gives you a detailed mapping of WinForms features to WPF Designer features. No more flailing about, trying to figure out how to anchor a control in the WPF Designer!


Task in Windows Forms Designer Equivalent in WPF Designer
Absolute layout Use the Canvas class as the root element.
Alphabetic sorting in the Properties window

To find a property, use the Search box in the Properties window.

To browse properties, use IntelliSense in XAML view or in the Code Editor. You can also use the Object Browser.


Use the Grid and the anchor capabilities in Design view to set your anchor targets.


More life-saving guidance here.

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