Super-cool angiography application built using WPF

I wish I could attend this session, mentioned at Martin Kulov's blog:

Tim Huckaby is going to show a Heart Surgery WPF / MOSS application called Angiographer for maybe the second first time in the world only during his keynote for DevReach 2007. It is designed to allow doctors to document the diagnosis and intervention process during an angiography procedure.

Here's how the app is described:

Angiographer is built on the Windows Presentation Foundation and leverages the managed 3D functionality to animate the heart as well as the built-in tablet/ink integration to build gesture recognition features. Coronary arteries are rendered as actual three dimensional spline extrusions as the user moves the stylus across the surface of the heart. Despite containing well over fifty thousand triangles, the heart models rotates smoothly even on average graphics processors. Angiographer also makes extensive use of WPF’s vector graphics engine and control styling to create a unique immersive interface that is simple to use yet still visually compelling.

Screenshot of Angiographer, built using WPF.


I would love to play around with this puppy, espcially on a tablet.

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