Orcas March CTP is posted

Come 'n' get it:

  • VSTS Virtual PC Image
  • TFS Virtual PC Image
  • VSTS Self-extracting Install
  • TFS Self-extracting Install
  • No more need for Fidalgo -- WPF project templates and Cider are now built in.

    Some of the cool new features you can play with:

  • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Designer (“Cider”) & Application Tools to deliver the ability to:
    • Create, edit, build, run and debug WPF projects
    • Use the WPF Designer to:
      • Preview any XAML in the designer including user defined controls and types
      • Design Windows, Pages and UserControls
      • Do basic layout tasks in a Grid
      • Do basic property editing using the new property browser
      • Easily understand and navigate “document structure” using the Document Outline
      • See changes in the designer immediately in the XAML
    • Use the XAML Editor to:
      • Edit XAML with intellisense
      • See changes in the XAML immediately in the designer
      • Build design time for WPF controls

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