Mobiform’s VantagePoint WPF Controls released

Mobiform has released v1 of their neat VantagePoint WPF Controls suite. View the Demo, which is a live xbap — I was running it in Firefox this morning!   Mobiform’s Variable Gauge control 


WPF Designer docs are posted

The MSDN library online has been refreshed, and you can find all the new documentation for the WPF Designer for Visual Studio (formerly known as “Cider”) here. You might want to start with the overview topic, or if you want to start autoring your own custom design time, try the extensibility portal topic. Here’s some…


Troubleshooting WPF Designer load failures

Now that people have been kicking the tires of the WPF Designer for Visual Studio 2008 (aka “Cider”), we’re starting to see a lot of questions about why perfectly good WPF code doesn’t load in the designer.  Here’s a preview of the topic that will ship in the docs. Hopefully this will help out before frustration…


.NET Framework source code to be released

It’s like some beautiful dream… We are releasing the source code for .NET Framework base class libraries under the Microsoft Reference License, and the source code will be downloadable and viewable by anyone who accepts the license agreement.  In addition, Microsoft will introduce a capability in Visual Studio 2008 to allow you to debug into…


Super-cool angiography application built using WPF

I wish I could attend this session, mentioned at Martin Kulov’s blog: Tim Huckaby is going to show a Heart Surgery WPF / MOSS application called Angiographer for maybe the second first time in the world only during his keynote for DevReach 2007. It is designed to allow doctors to document the diagnosis and intervention process…


Neat new features on MSDN Forums

The DevDiv Community Connection (DDCC) and Sever and Tools Online (STO) teams have been hard at work bringing new features to Microsoft Forums.  Here are the two big ones:  1) Recognition to forums users for answering questions and providing bug information.   This recognition system will go live immediately.  You can see it live here:…


Silverlight 1.0 released to web — Linux support announced

Come ‘n’ get it: Here’s the official word:   Microsoft Delivers Silverlight 1.0, Extends Support to Linux “Entertainment Tonight” HSN and World Wrestling Entertainment showcase new online experiences; more than 35 partners commit to Silverlight Partner Initiative. REDMOND, Wash. — Sept. 4, 2007 — Microsoft Corp. today released to the Web (RTW) Silverlight™ 1.0, a…


Cider Extensibility Help Documentation

PM extraordinaire Jim Nakashima has posted a preview of some of our docs that describe how to do things like implement custom adorners, menu items, and feature providers.   Custom adorner for adjusting the RenderTransform of a control.


Blend 2 August Preview with Silverlight support is posted

The Blend team has closed out Milestone 2 and has released the Blend 2 August Preview. The release is publicly available and you can downloaded it here. Milestone 2 features completed · Silverlight 1.0 RC support · Visual Studio 2008 support · Make User Control · XAML Editor Improvements · Build Options · Storyboard Picker…


MLB is live with Silverlight

Watch MLB coverage with Silverlight 1.0 release candidate. Here it is embedded in a page.       If you don’t have Silverlight installed already, notice how fast it goes in. Once the stream starts playing, advance the slider deep into the web cast — watch how fast it buffers!