New white paper on extending the Windows Forms Designer

My new white paper, "Creating a Design Surface Extender Framework for Windows Forms 2.0" is posted.

This paper shows how to use the .NET Framework 2.0 BehaviorService to extend the appearance and behavior of controls in the Windows Forms Designer. This has nothing to do with Cider, but some of the issues discussed in the paper are relevant to the WPF design experience.

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  1. JuanC says:

    Slightly unrelated but …

    Do you know how to change the cursor that appears when hosting a Design Surface in Windows Forms 2.0?

    We get the move cursor but in our implementation moving it is not supported so we would prefer if default cursor was shown.



  2. JGalasyn says:

    Hi Juan,

    Can you derive a class from Behavior and override the Cursor property to return the default cursor?


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