WMP Redux

You may recall an earlier post in which I was trying to mate WPF with the Windows Media Player (Playing with the WMPSDK). My original thought was to export the time series and spectrum data from WMP to a WPF client app. That didn’t work very well, so I started considering a solution using interop….


The New Chris Sells Book

Incidentally, I picked up the new Chris Sells / Ian Griffiths book on WPF last week:   http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0596101139/qid=1130013562/sr=8-1/ref=pd_bbs_1/103-9032567-5819011?v=glance&s=books&n=507846 If you want a slick and pain-free introduction to WPF, this is the book to get. It’s based on Whidbey Beta2, so it’s pretty current. Chris’s style, as usual, is conversational but information-rich, and he carries you along easily…


Workaround: ActiveX Controls Not Working via XAML

Mike Henderlight recently posted a nice summary of a bug in WinFX current (September CTP) bits: ActiveX Controls Not Working via XAML. An attempt to instantiate an ActiveX control with a managed wrapper (Axhost) from XAML fails with an interesting exception. Something to do with a child HWND not being attached to the appropriate parent. Our…


Playing with the WMPSDK

I’ve had this idea that a neat little WPF project would be to build a toy music visualizer, like the kind in Windows Media Player or the iTunes player. I have a bit of a background in digital signal processing, and this seemed like a fun exercise for learning WPF.  It’s conceptually simple: Get a handle…