Feet first

Mr. Burns: Ex-cellent.  It's all falling into place.

I'll be documenting the Avalon designer and the Avalon/Windows Forms interop story. This makes me happy.

This blog will describe the ecstacies and the agonies of climbing this rather steep learning curve. The first thing to do is to scrub the old code name from my head: Avalon is now officially the "Windows Presentation Foundation," or WPF. Slides easily off the tongue. Sort of.

We're still stuck with code names for the other features I'm documenting:

  • Cider: The WPF designer for Visual Studio

  • Crossbow: WPF/Windows Forms interop

Now off to my group meeting.

(KEXP: "Repeater" by The Helio Sequence, a great NW neo-psychedelic band)


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