Helpful resources for developing Windows Store apps

Here are links to some of the resources that I find most useful for developing Windows Store apps. I’ll update this post as I come up with more, but this should get you started. End-to-end apps Performance best practices for XAML apps Windows RT white paper download Developing secure apps Working…


Come see me at Tulsa TechFest 2012

I will be giving a talk on Friday, October 12th at 1:30 PM centered around how you can make your Windows 8 app better. Details here. Registration here. Hope to see you there!


Tips & Tricks: AppBar Buttons in XAML

I have come across several developers that have asked how they get all those nice icons for the AppBar buttons. For XAML If you’re building your app using XAML, then the best way is to peruse the StandardStyles.xaml resource dictionary, found in the Common directory, to see if you can find one of the already…


Windows 8: IsConnectedToInternet?

In writing my own app, I found myself wondering, “how to I detect if the machine is actually connected to the internet before I start making all manner of web services calls?”. Well, below is my solution written in C#. Enjoy!   Code: private bool IsConnectedToInternet() { bool connected = false; ConnectionProfile cp = NetworkInformation.GetInternetConnectionProfile();…


Windows 8: Should I still develop for desktop?

Absolutely! I had a question from a friend a few months ago about the Windows 8 Modern UI replacing WPF and if he should still invest in training for desktop development. I understand where the concern is coming from – WinRT is the new shiny kid on the block and there is a fear of…


Windows 8: Leveraging the CredentialPicker

Credentials are important In modern apps, collecting and storing user credentials has become very prevalent. Especially, if your app is leveraging a service or other type of secure resource that requires the user to provide a login. Providing a good, clean and consistent credential experience is very important, in that it gives the user the…