Beta2 is out — What’s new in Cider

Mark shows off some of the new and exciting features in Cider Beta 2, including:

  • DataSources window now works in Silverlight (as well as WPF) - you can now drag and drop from this window to your design surface to automatically hook up to data.

  • Property Inspector window gets a facelift  --  now lets you sort by property source (e.g. see all the locally set versus inherited properties grouped together)

  • {d:DataContext} markup extension lets you set design time data across Cider and Blend.

  • UserControls can now use resources from App.xaml

  • Designer now loads with broken controls -- a red x shows you the control that could not load, and a gold bar shows you the exact exception.  Previously you would have only gotten a "Problem Loading" screen.

We would love to get your feedback on these new features! 


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