Goodbye Redmond

In January, I'll be hanging up my keyboard for a while as I move to Australia.  I have really enjoyed my work at Microsoft; particularly with my team, which is filled with smart, talented folk who really care about doing the right thing. 

This will be my last post to  If you want to keep up with me, my new blog address will be (Feed). 

You may want to check out my new years resolutions and the advice I'd give myself if I were starting over.

Thanks for reading - and wish me luck! =)


Comments (6)

  1. Good luck with the move.. that’s one heck of a move. New beginnings are always great opportunities!

  2. hasanib says:


    it’s been fun

  3. Ben Hollis says:

    I hope you continue blogging about Windows Forms – I can’t name another blog that has taught me as much.

  4. Bonnie says:

    We are really going to miss you.  

  5. Raghavendra says:

    Good luck JFo and have fun Down Under! Try to watch some cricket once in a while – it is a fun sport if you have the patience 🙂

  6. anothr user says:

    One new subscriber from Anothr Alerts

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