Goodbye Redmond

In January, I’ll be hanging up my keyboard for a while as I move to Australia.  I have really enjoyed my work at Microsoft; particularly with my team, which is filled with smart, talented folk who really care about doing the right thing.  This will be my last post to  If you want to…


Customer question roundup

I’ve been heads down working on a project lately, and I’ve let a few questions build up.  My apologies for this, here’s what I have (if it’s still useful): Updates from Everen on fixing the disabled drawing for the ever-popular SplitButton sample.I’ve just wanted to thank you for the SplitButton code. Only glitch was that…

Bloopers and Outtakes

I’ve been going through some older stuff, and I found a few “unpublished” works, which I’m posting for you as-is, un-edited, in all it’s glory.  The Painting Stages of the ToolStrip RendererDiscusses the ordering of calls to the layers of the toolstrip renderer so you know what to override if you want to make a…

Sample TabStrip app

TabStrip sample code

Layout part 1

  Layout Walkthrough Part 1.ppt