Frequently asked Windows Forms questions at the PDC

What's new for Windows Forms 2.0?

There is an entire section of the Windows Forms.NET website devoted to all the new features of Windows Forms 2.0 (Whidbey).

Where are the slides/code for the Windows Forms talks?

You should get the webcast for the talk in the CDs/DVDs sent to you in a few weeks.  In the meantime you can get access to the talks:

[ ppt | code ] PRS321 Windows Forms: WPF Interoperability, Mike Henderlight
[ ppt | code ] PRS402 Windows Forms: Harnessing The Power And Flexibility Of Windows Forms 2.0, Erick Ellis
[ ppt | code ] PRS407 Windows Forms: Occasionally Connected Smart Clients, Steve Lasker - more info here
[ ppt | code ] PRSL01 Tips and Tricks:  Answers to Common Questions when Building Windows Forms Applications, Mike Harsh

I'm interested in Data in Windows Forms, are there any blogs around for that?

Check out

I used axWebBrowser control in the past, what exactly is the WebBrowser control?

The axWebBrowser control is the same as the WebBrowser control, Windows Forms 2.0 just takes the headaches of the COM interop away from you.  You can get to the HTML dom by accessing the Document property in the DocumentComplete event and start playing as you would have before.  We also expose the native interfaces, so it's easy to extend with features we may not have gotten to in the 2.0 release.

Are we working with the Windows Presentation Foundation team to help make the Windows Forms + Avalon experience better?

You bet - the next version of Visual Studio codenamed "Orcas" will address interoperability between Windows Forms and the Windows Presentation Foundation.  In a nutshell you will be able to host Windows Forms controls as an element within "Avalon" and "Avalon" elements as controls within Windows Forms.   Also check out Mike Henderlight's code samples and slides for PRS321.

I want the outlook look and feel application for Beta2 or the newly released Release Candidate of Visual Studio 2005.

Here's an updated version which should work on Visual Studio 2005 Beta2 and RC.

I'm interested in community resources for windows forms, is anyone blogging about it?

Yes!  There's a list on Channel 9 of Windows Forms blogs, if you know of more - just add to it!

Also be sure to check out the MSDN Forums:

I have found a bug, how can I let you guys know?

Use product feedback to let us know issues you've found in Windows Forms 2.0.  Keep in mind the following caveat: 

"Important message to Visual Studio 2005 users: At this point in the development cycle you may see a higher number of issues resolved as “Postponed”. Visual Studio 2005 and .NET Framework 2.0 will be releasing soon and teams are working hard to stabilize the code base to deliver the highest quality product as soon as possible. Any change adds the risk of additional bugs, so as we get closer to the ship date we try to minimize the amount of churn across the product. Rest assured we will reconsider every postponed issue for possible incorporation into the next version. Thank you for all the great feedback, you’ve made a huge impact thus far, and please continue to send us your bugs and suggestions."

I'm using the MSDN forums to talk with the community - is there a way I can get email when my post has been responded to?

Yes, after you post, there's a special "alert me" button you can press to keep track of the thread.

More about "alert me"
Controlling the "alert me" settings

I really want RSS for MSDN forums...

It's hidden at the bottom of the page.  Here are RSS links for windows forms groups  Windows Forms General  Windows Forms Designer  Windows Forms Clickonce and Deployment  Windows Forms Databinding Windows Forms Sample Applications


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