It’s not orange this time….

Top 3 reasons I've moved my blog...

  1. Ragha was tired of answering comments for me.
  2. I was tired of getting subtle hints about the color orange.
  3. Maybe Jeff will feel that I am worthy to link to now. (Eh, who am I kidding.)

...I guess introductions are in order.  My name is Jessica, and I am a developer on the Windows Forms team [borgspeak:.Net Client Team]. I've been kicking around this particular team since Everett - mainly focusing on developing new controls for the Whidbey runtime. My nickname is "JFo" which was given to me by Cap'n, who felt that 3 syllables was prime fodder for shortening.

Blogwise, I've been writing about Windows Forms for the last year - some months there's been lots of stuff, some months, not so much.   For a look back - here's some of my older articles...

How When Where and Why to use Dispose
Painting Best Practices
Understanding DockLayout and Splitters
Building NotifyIcon Applications/Understanding the Application class
How to make a readonly controls collection

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