Where is going, the World … Thanks to Digital ?

To a constraint uniformity?


Or a chosen personalization?



Are you  unique or weird as could said Seth Godin ?

or are you like the others, like the mass?

It’s up to you …

Comments (3)

  1. John says:

    The Win8 UI is not a good fit for desktops/laptops. It works only for tablets/mobile devices.

  2. jfgomez says:

    Yes but for the first time the interface shows who you're. And from my point of view it's really a revolution. We are all different and I don't want have the same interface than the others even you're right it's not really confortable on a traditonnal desktop.

  3. X3SED says:

    I think that all your articles are great! But me ,as a dev, I can't understand why you're so much in love with Win8 … It's true that it's a new "architecture" but if it's all about the interface… Well I don't get it =D

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