Season’s Greetings

In the build up to Christmas we have been busily preparing for our next release of VSPAT NuPattern. This release will not only support VS2012, (as well as VS2010 of course), but we are rebranding the name and targeting a new audience in the hope of encouraging more supporters and contributors to find value in,…


Help Project Naming

We are having a great discussion over on codeplex about what name to choose for rebranding the VSPAT toolset. Please join the discussion, give your view, and who knows? perhaps you can be credited with naming the project.


Why Are You NOT Automating Software?

What kind of automation? What is built today? Why does it not work? What has been missing? Why is that so beneficial? What can do this today? We can do this today! Automated development & deployment tools? Everyone loves them – right? Certainly seasoned developers and infrastructure engineers love to use time-saving tools that help…


Software Automation and Enlightenment

I just left Microsoft because I hit an uncompromising roadblock in the company, in the specific group which I worked in. It was disappointing of course and liberating at the same time, but on reflection I can’t help feeling that the company is not really doing much to lead or help the software industry in…


VSPAT Joins the Outercurve Foundation!

The VSPAT project just joined the Outercurve Foundation. See press release: What does this mean for VSPAT? Essentially, this means that the project is now a true open source project that can allow contributions from anyone in the community, and is no longer constrained to Microsoft-only contributors. The project will remain on CodePlex.


Announcing VSPAT – ‘Pattern Toolkit Builder’

I am very proud to announce the first public release of the ‘Pattern Toolkit Builder’ extension for Visual Studio 2010. This new toolset and approach will revolutionize the way individuals and organizations: design, build and deploy their repeatable solutions by capturing, incorporating and scaling-out their best practices, knowledge and expertise to increase the consistency, predictability,…