Why Are You NOT Automating Software?

What kind of automation? What is built today? Why does it not work? What has been missing? Why is that so beneficial? What can do this today? We can do this today! Automated development & deployment tools? Everyone loves them – right? Certainly seasoned developers and infrastructure engineers love to use time-saving tools that help…


Design & Manufacturing

Just a recent observation. Agile vs. Formal processes in the context of factories – any confusion there? It’s pretty much a given these days in software engineering we accept that we have been misled over the last couple of decades into believing that software development should follow a manufacturing process (see from your own experience the…


On Software Factories

They just published an interview I recently did about software factories on InfoQ magazine – Article link… Hopefully you will find some entertaining and useful explanations for understanding factories, DSL’s and the like, especially if you come from a practical background.


Re: Breaking the Cycle of Failed Development Projects

Tom is back in the field again after an honourable stint at patterns & practices, and asks in his post “Breaking the Cycle of Failed Development Projects”, “….While it is strange going back to the world of consulting, I’m sure my tenure with the patterns & practices team will give me some new perspectives for…


EFx Factory Futures

Well, its time to (officially) announce the end of further development of the EFx Factory prototype! and open a new chapter on software factories for our customers. [In actual fact, not really hot-off-the-press news, this post has been pending getting published for some months now.] The pioneering work on EFx has not been in vain. The…


FAQ – Where are my skills going to be required with Software Factories?

In a previous FAQ we addressed some of the fears that our ‘eager-professionals’ are likely to have about the introduction of software factories into their projects and organisations. In this post I want to address one of the concerns that the expert solution developers among them and their organisations will face with the advent of software factories. Some…


FAQ – Why do I need Software Factories?

OK, so first off I want to address the more personal, individual aspect of this question, rather than the more broader industry angle – which can be found in many other references online and offline (books, articles and the like). These other references describe in detail the drivers for software factories, and why we as an industry need them…


The How, the What and the Why – Stages of software development

In the last year or so I have been on a ‘mission’, a crusade in fact, to complete and promote a software offering that’s been under way for the last 3 years. Seems like a long project, but that offering has been evolving and really the journey has been a long evolving cycle for me in…


What use will factories have in our products?

Occasionally, I get asked by others internally at Microsoft, what role software factories are going play in their space, ‘their space’ as it were are server products we ship, such as: SharePoint, Exchange, BizTalk etc. Perhaps I’ll start with a problem first and hopefully this will tease out an answer. One of the issues our…


Meta-this and Meta-that

Now, I don’t know about you, but after you have had your head around factories and modelling for a while, especially if designing features and tools for them, you would have encountered this term ‘meta’ a lot. And if so, then you have bound to have come undone by it in even the most harmless…