Software Development Automation Conference 2013

I just came across this announcement. Seems like a perfect fit for where NuPattern contributes its value.

We need someone to attend or present NuPattern.

On May 29th, 2013, the first Software Development Automation Conference (SDAconf) will be held in Amsterdam. SDA is a conference for anyone who wants to learn more about automating software development, using model-driven development (MDD), domain-specific languages (DSLs), code generators and language workbenches.

SDA specifically targets software developers, architects and managers. So, not only technical issues, but also organisational and commercial aspects of software development automation will be addressed. Main purpose of the conference is to exchange knowledge of and experience with model-driven development, across industry and academia.

Model driven development has enthusiastic supporters, but also has to face sceptical critics. By means of this conference, we want to revive this subject. Efficient construction and maintenance of software is becoming more and more important. Change is constant. Software is more and more becoming a living organism. Software has to evolve continuously in order to satisfy its users. Model driven development is the answer to this.

Many tools exist for model driven development. These are evolving towards complete language workbenches, for rapid development of domain specific languages and code generators. Next to these, one can also find out-of-the-box model-driven solutions for business automation. The SDA conference is the place to see these developments at work.

So, do you want to increase quality, efficiency and predictability of your software development process? Then join us at SDA 2013, on May 29th, 2013.

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