Narrator Inquire Within

We have long needed a decent video screencast that helps explain what NuPattern is all about for first time visitors to the NuPattern project. Something that gives a first timer an inkling of an idea what NuPattern does. It does not have to make logical sense even, but to walk away with a clear idea of what you would use NuPattern for.

Well now we have such a candidate video on YouTube - but it is silent – no voiceover!

The director and producers have done the hard work in scripting the video and producing it, but we are missing the most vital element, someone to explain what’s going on in the video!

The producers of the video don’t feel that their voices are suitable for the narration, so just for fun we are going to try a new idea, and recruit a narrator from the community.

So, the project is looking for anyone who would like to step forward, who likes the sound of their own voice, to be our voice of NuPattern, and bask in the glory of influencing many people to step in the direction the project is tracking.

Please apply within, post your interest on this discussion thread.

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