NuPattern Released!

It is with great pride and some trepidation that I would like to announce the release of the first version of NuPattern (v. Go get it here

I say first version version, because prior to this moment in time the product was called VSPAT, for which we have 19 previous releases. But NuPattern isn’t just a new name for the thing, it is a new direction and alignment that marks the independence of this product from its prior benefactor Microsoft, and opens it to a new community direction in developer tooling. NuPattern is now free to evolve by the development community to address broader market concerns around domain specific development and custom tooling development in Visual Studio. It is a huge milestone in this space.

One of these days, the story of NuPattern will emerge for those interested in its roots of development. For now though, we are hoping to start to build a new community around the project and take it in a new direction that adds value to any and every software development or deployment project. Please get involved.

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