Need a New Challenge

Bit of a shameful plug for myself, but finding work seems to be a little difficult right now.

I’ve been consulting globally for Microsoft for the last 11 years and been helping software development organizations across many industries and geographies, assuring delivery of their solutions and products. Now that I have left Microsoft as a Principal there, I am now looking for new opportunities in the local or global marketplace where I can contribute my experience. Ideally, I would wish to have a significant impact in generating new value for a progressive software organization or community, who perhaps need help in moving to more efficient and sustainable product development practices and processes. Keen to pursue new opportunities or existing ones.

Ideally, the organization or community will recognize that they have significant customer value and revenue to grow, and that their IT capability may not be realizing its full potential in delivering business value efficiently, or at a level of quality and integrity that delights their customers, and grows their social capital in the marketplace. They probably recognize that their current IT capability may be wasteful and slow to apply itself to new market opportunities, or unable to change to serve changing business needs cost effectively. They recognize that fostering self-empowered teams, continuous improvement and the requirement to drive delivery excellence and higher quality is critical in moving forward in today’s business environment. They are looking for strong and experienced leaders to help develop and mature their IT capability.

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Please let me know if you may know of any opportunities you think I should pursue.

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