DSL Editor PowerToy – Just Released

Adding the tool-window to DSL Solution

You might be happy to know we have just released the first version of the ‘DSL Editor PowerToy’ on our codeplex project!

This initial release is slated as:

“A means to add a DSL specific tool-window, containing a simple editor, to an existing DSL”

You can download this release from the site. 

It's not much really in terms of functionality at present, and the editor is really basic, but what we tried to accomplish in this release was setting up the infrastructure of what is to come.

We have a pretty decent plan of the features we want to work towards in later releases, and we have carefully designed the releases so that you can have something useful to take your own way at each step. The ultimate goal is demonstrated on the home page of the site, and this is what we are working our way towards providing everyone with a means to have multiple editors each exposing a customizable view of their DSL.

Some basic links for this release:

If you have any feedback about this release or the PowerToy in general, we would like to hear it.

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  1. Jezz has just released the first milestone of the DSL Editor PowerToy . This nifty DSL Tools add-on will

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