Copying the Silverlight community menu

I’m building out a website using Silverlight.  The more I learn about Silverlight the more I love it – I haven’t had this much fun writing code in a long time.   This is seriously addicting stuff.  One of the things that frustrated me is that many of the Silverlight 2 samples were not very useful. …


Free XSLT Profiler

Today the XML Editor team released the XSLT Profiler Addin for VS 2008, a quick and reliable performance analysis profiler tool that assists in the development and debugging of XSLT documents. The XSLT Profiler allows developers to measure, evaluate, and target performance-related problems in XSLT code by creating detailed XSLT performance reports. The XSLT Profiler…


Say What?

Interesting perspective from Randy Heffner (Forrester) in the latest issue of Redmond Magazine: Perhaps Randy is unaware of our work on XML, SOAP and the Web Services Workshops that led to the WS-* specifications.   The quote above seems to be inspired by current OASIS activities associated with SCA.  Conflating multi-platform WS-* specifications and standards with…


SOA and Business Process Conference 2007

The 2007 Microsoft SOA & Business Process Conference will be held from October 29th through November 2nd, 2007 at the Microsoft Conference Center on the Microsoft Campus in Redmond, WA.  Customers and partners can learn about Microsoft’s current and long-term strategy for SOA & Business Process.  Visit the conference website for more information.


SOA in the Real World now available

The book I previewed here a few weeks back is now available in both PDF and XPS formats.  Enjoy!  


Shutting down the OASIS WS-BPEL Technical Committee

The WS-BPEL TC has its last conference call next week.   It’s taken over three years of effort but the spec and schemas are finally done.   A non-normative Primer and FAQ are also available.  (The final version of the Primer will be published after our last call next week.) Thanks to the entire Technical Committee for all of…


Help influence the future of BPEL on the Microsoft platform

Apparently over 3,000 people have downloaded the BPEL Community Technology Preview (CTP) for Windows Workflow Foundation (WF).   Now it’s your turn to tell us what you love or hate about the implementation.  To do this you’ll need to sign up for a Windows Live ID first. Once you have your Live ID follow the steps below:…


BPEL Primer – work in progress

The WS-BPEL Primer is a non-normative doc that will be finished by 5/14 (at the latest).   A draft of the work in progress is publicly accessible here (doc format):  Feedback is always welcome!   I expect to post an updated version of the RDDL and final XHTML versions of the spec later this…


WS-BPEL 2.0 Approved as an OASIS Standard

I am happy to state that BPEL is finally approved as an official OASIS standard.   Its been a long time coming (just short of four years) but its finally done.  The official press release is here (and below).  (BTW, Jack is not part of the official press release and I’m not sure if he’s planning to…


InfoWorld covers BPEL

The article is fairly favorable and provides a fairly quick overview of the BPEL 2.0 spec.   Here’s some of what’s new in BPEL 2.0: New activity types if-then-else replaces BPEL4WS 1.1 “switch” repeatUntil Validate forEach with completion conditions extensionActivity Variable initialization XSLT for variable transformations XPath access to variable data Syntax and semantics for abstract…