Meeting Mindset

This was ingrained into me years ago when I did strategy consulting.  I still find it useful. Calling a meeting: Always specify three things in the invite: Objective Agenda (ideally timeboxing each agenda item) Last agenda item is always summing up/next steps Expected Outcomes Failure to include these items means: people you invite should consider…


Windows 8 Shortcut Keys

Haven’t seen this posted anywhere just yet so I thought I’d park it here.  Enjoy. Windows logo key+spacebar Switch input language and keyboard layout Windows logo key+O Locks device orientation Windows logo key+Y Temporarily peeks at the desktop Windows logo key+V Cycles through toasts Windows logo key+Shift+V Cycles through toasts in reverse order Windows logo…


Strange Days Indeed

Most peculiar mama (whoa). 1/28/2009 Update Need to install JRE again and the installer is much less interesting.  Could this be related to the Oracle acquisition?


Star Destroyer: spaceship or film director?

Apparently Lucas is up to his old tricks again.   How sad.   I was hoping that Spielberg might diminish Lucas’ influence on the film. *sigh* I’ll probably go see it anyway. On the upside Iron Man was surprisingly good and Prince Caspian looks to be good as well.


WWT == Wow

The World Wide Telescope (WWT) is amazing – I can’t wait to show my son.   You can see a demo of it from TED here.   I’m not sure when this will be available but I hope its soon.    This is a great application of the Deep Zoom effect. BTW – if you’re an astronomer wannabe…



Seen this yet?      Take a walk or a drive around Seattle or San Francisco.    Very cool.


Well that didn’t take long…

Seen this yet?    Interesting to see it pop up on Yahoo News of all places. I had a feeling something like this was going to happen.


Logic Need Not Apply

Interesting story popped up on ComputerWorld today about the Microsoft offer to Yahoo.    Here’s what made it most interesting to me (emphasis mine): According to the Post, the discord revolves around Yang and his followers being so opposed to selling the company to Microsoft that Bostock and his group fear they will act out of…


New year, new job

The title says it all.   I’ll be doing more hands-on type of work so expect me to blog on a more frequent basis.   Stay tuned.


Here comes another bubble

I’m sure many of you have already seen this, but for those of you that haven’t its definitely worth a look. Brings back some very bad memories for me..   🙁