"Office Open XML will meet our new standards for acceptable open formats"

MA reverses itself on adopting Microsoft Office Open XML format. You can get a sneak peek at Office Open XML format here. Update: Sun’s Carl Cargill urges MA to rethink its opinion. Cargill raises a rather interesting point (according to ComputerWorld) – (emphasis mine): Cargill said it would be a “mistake” for Massachusetts to support…


IMS Advanced Web Services Profiles

IMS (Instructional Management Systems, Global Learning Consortium – www.imsglobal.org) is an international standards group developing interoperable technical standards for e-Learning.  Membership includes leading technology system suppliers, publishers, user organizations and universities active in e-Learning.   I (briefly) attended IMS’ recent ALT-I-Lab conference in Sheffield to present the IMS Advanced Web Services Profiles.  The profiles are designed…


Indigo has arrived

You know you want it. Now go get it.


Thinking about SOA (again)

Eventually we’ll stop talking about SOA and go back to talking about Architecture.  When we stop talking about SOA it will finally become a reality (who talks about 3-tier architectures anymore?).   Thanks to Harry for this one! SOAs are like snowflakes – no two will be the same. SOAs will most likely be built using…