Blog moved

I’m finally starting to blog again but I’ve decided to move to a different platform. My new blog is at and has two formats: A Noteblog Traditional long-form blog Most of my Twitter posts are available on my Link Blog.     


Quick braindump on apps, services and components

                                Also posted to my new “blog-in-progress” here Someone asked me for a quick email on apps, services and components. Feedback and flames welcome. An app is a logical grouping of components and services to perform a business objective.  –        Logical because the components may not all be owned by or located within the organization…


What is Modern Architecture?

Note: I’m in the process of moving to an awesome new blogging platform by the insanely great Dave Winer. If you blog I highly encourage you to look into Fargo.  My new blog can be found at I’m hearing the term “modern architecture” used quite a bit but haven’t seen much clarification about what…