Are Cloud Taxonomies Simple or Complex?

Much has been written about the different types of cloud taxonomies.  In some ways it reminds me of the SOA confusion from 5-8 years ago where everyone was trying to label something as being “SOA” and “not SOA”.  As an architect I favor simplicity – this includes cloud taxonomies.  Thus, I view cloud taxonomies as…


UX is not UI

Many people seem to confuse UX (User Experience) with UI (User Interface).  These are very different things and confusing the two are likely to result in unhappy users.  Many people who “design UX” seem to spend the bulk of their time focusing on the screen layout, controls and behavior of various elements on the screen….


Meeting Mindset

This was ingrained into me years ago when I did strategy consulting.  I still find it useful. Calling a meeting: Always specify three things in the invite: Objective Agenda (ideally timeboxing each agenda item) Last agenda item is always summing up/next steps Expected Outcomes Failure to include these items means: people you invite should consider…


Windows 8 Shortcut Keys

Haven’t seen this posted anywhere just yet so I thought I’d park it here.  Enjoy. Windows logo key+spacebar Switch input language and keyboard layout Windows logo key+O Locks device orientation Windows logo key+Y Temporarily peeks at the desktop Windows logo key+V Cycles through toasts Windows logo key+Shift+V Cycles through toasts in reverse order Windows logo…