Strange Days Indeed

Most peculiar mama (whoa).

1/28/2009 Update

Need to install JRE again and the installer is much less interesting.  Could this be related to the Oracle acquisition?

No more MSN ad.

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  1. Yonatan says:


    I’m a reader of your blog, and an experience .NET developer. I would like to be helped by your BPM experience: For some small research, I need to evaluate the impact of BPM over organizations IT. I think my best way to go is to implement some small BPM software example in some organization; this should be a small project, no budget for expensive systems (such as BizTalk, SharePoint, Ultimus, etc.).  Any idea how to get started quick and fast? Is there any decent BPM open source project? Do you recommend using WF and add some BPM features (such as reports)? Any tip or resources will be helpful. Thanks.

  2. when I saw it, my first reaction was to think my computer had been hacked…

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