Strange Days Indeed

Most peculiar mama (whoa). 1/28/2009 Update Need to install JRE again and the installer is much less interesting.  Could this be related to the Oracle acquisition?


HBR on Susceptibility to Fads (like SOA)

The December issue of the Harvard Business Review contains a compelling article on “Why You Shouldn’t Go Global” (excerpeted here for free).  While the article is worth reading, a sidebar in the article raises some excellent points which we might be able to apply to SOA.   Since the sidebar is not available in the free excerpt…


Moving the SOA Goalposts

SOA is about loosely coupled system integration.   Sorry, I meant to say that SOA is about enabling loosely coupled business processes.   On the other hand SOA is about reuse, except that its actually not about reuse. Hang on a minute, SOA is like event driven architecture (EDA).   No, scratch that – SOA is different from…


Getting User Context in Silverlight 2

I recently completed work on an internal Silverlight app.    The project was a blast – it really reminded me of how coding could be fun again.   One of the surprising gaps I found in Sliverlight was the inability to get the current user context (e.g. determine the login domain and userid of the person viewing…


Star Destroyer: spaceship or film director?

Apparently Lucas is up to his old tricks again.   How sad.   I was hoping that Spielberg might diminish Lucas’ influence on the film. *sigh* I’ll probably go see it anyway. On the upside Iron Man was surprisingly good and Prince Caspian looks to be good as well.


WWT == Wow

The World Wide Telescope (WWT) is amazing – I can’t wait to show my son.   You can see a demo of it from TED here.   I’m not sure when this will be available but I hope its soon.    This is a great application of the Deep Zoom effect. BTW – if you’re an astronomer wannabe…


If you can do something it doesn’t mean that you should…

I’m not really doing anything BPEL related these days but a post by Jesper Joergensen caught my eye.    Since I’m not focused on BPEL I haven’t kept up with some of the developments in the BPM-related blogosphere.    Apparently Bruce wrote a post illustrating some of the fundamental differences between BPMN and BPEL.    BPMN is much…


SOA Fatigue

Dave Linthicum recently blogged about not attending SOA conferences because he is able to determine the core trends and messages they would be promoting.  I’ve thought this about SOA books, reports, trade magazines and online articles for well over a year.    Does this mean SOA is dead?   Is it time for yet another IT crisis?   …


Copying the Silverlight community menu

I’m building out a website using Silverlight.  The more I learn about Silverlight the more I love it – I haven’t had this much fun writing code in a long time.   This is seriously addicting stuff.  One of the things that frustrated me is that many of the Silverlight 2 samples were not very useful. …



Seen this yet?      Take a walk or a drive around Seattle or San Francisco.    Very cool.