Interesting perspective on SOA and BPM here from Joe , but positioning BPEL as BPM is just wrong.   BPM encompasses much more than simple service orchestration.  It’s good to see the human element addressed here - there is some interesting work going on in this area.

I assumed that the article was discussing Business Process Management, not Business Process Modeling.   Either way BPEL isn't enough to address either of these areas. 

BPM apparently also stands for Beats Per Minute in some circles (ones that I'm far too old to be a part of, thank goodness).  

Egad, I think I may have opened up a whole new analyst opportunity - acronym overloading.   Please forget I even mentioned it.

Sorry, this product is not BPEL enabled.

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  1. Jonas says:

    From my view Joe is not comparing BPEL with BPM. He’s just explaining "how SOA and BPM comes together at this point of time".

  2. John_Evdemon says:

    Go back and re-read the interview.  

    Joe is the one to bring up BPEL, not the interviewer.  My point here is that service orchestrations are not the same as business processes.   Joe leads readers to believe they are one and the same.

  3. Mohamad Afshar says:

    Ok. Yes BPEL != BPM

    However, SOA + BPM is a killer combo. And if you can bridge services and processes using BPEL as the layer in between you are going to get the best of both worlds.

    So yes, BPEL != BPM but SOA and BPM intersect at BPEL

  4. Hi, point well taken. The issue of how deeply BPEL forms the "connective tissue" that moves SOA closer to BPM is worth further exploration and clarification. (How’s that for another medical analogy along with Beats Per Minute?)

  5. Jonas says:

    A business process can be modeled using Business Process Modeling, be connected to a SOA using BPEL, be executed in a Business Process Management Suite, and be managed using Business Process Management. That’s the point taken from reading the article for the third time. Maybe you should read it once more …

  6. John_Evdemon says:

    Well, considering the man himself (Joe) just left a comment stating "point well taken", I’ll plan to stick with my earlier opinion.

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