InfoWorld covers BPEL

The article is fairly favorable and provides a fairly quick overview of the BPEL 2.0 spec.   Here's some of what's new in BPEL 2.0:

  • New activity types

    • if-then-else replaces BPEL4WS 1.1 “switch”

    • repeatUntil

    • Validate

    • forEach with completion conditions

    • extensionActivity

  • Variable initialization

  • XSLT for variable transformations

  • XPath access to variable data

  • Syntax and semantics for abstract processes

A more complete review of what's new is available in the wiki or you could have a look at the final spec.

The InfoWorld article includes a few quotes from Ron Schmelzer (ZapThink) criticizing BPEL for not supporting human workflows or choreographies.   I like Ron and respect ZapThink's research, but the criticism he raises seem inappropriate - BPEL is not intended for any of the scenarios he raises.  

Comments (2)

  1. I am happy to state that BPEL is finally approved as an official OASIS standard. Its been a long time

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