Yet Another SOA Consortium (YASC)

Here's another in what appears to be a growing trend.   Interestingly enough - this one seems to be part of the OMG.

Update: The SOA Leaders site appears to have vanished (cache of the site courtesy the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine).  

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  1. Hi John,

    *This* SOA Consortium is an advocacy group committed to successful SOA adoption.  To gain infrastructure efficiencies, the founding sponsors and members determined it made fiscal sense to be managed by the OMG.   However, the SOA Consortium is not working on, or interested in working on, standards.  

    The members are a mix of end-users (Fortune 200 so far), vendors and service providers.  

    The "work" is (1) evangelizing SOA in the context of business value generation and (2) enabling successful (and sustainable) SOA adoption.

    The IC’s SOA group is participating in the SOA Consortium’s Community of Practice.

    And yes, the SOA Consortium is a client of mine.


  2. John_Evdemon says:

    Thanks for the clarification Brenda.  This group seems to have a different focus than some of the others I lumped it in with.   Advocating SOA in the form of business benefits is critical.   I think your efforts will be worth watching.

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