Here comes another bubble

I’m sure many of you have already seen this, but for those of you that haven’t its definitely worth a look. Brings back some very bad memories for me..   🙁


Principles of Service Delivery: Internet Scale Computing

I originally planned to gradually share this draft paper with you all one section at a time, but I’m too impatient for that. Below is the full draft – its in two formats: PDF and DOCX.   Have a look and let us know what you think. PDF version Word (DOCX) version


ISC Capabilities: The Service Registry

Yesterday’s ISC Capability Map included two “registry-like” constructs, one specialized for services (Service Registry) and the other generalized for managing and monitoring resources within the datacenter (CMDB). A Service Registry is designed to store and manage information related to service composition, management and execution. The ISC Service Registry incorporates support for UDDI but extends UDDI’s…


Architectural Capabilities for enabling ISC

We have identified many of the capabilities essential for enabling ISC and organized them into twelve distinct capability groups. The ISC Capability Map below represents the top-level view of these twelve capability groups. While the capabilities in this illustration are not exhaustive, we believe the vast majority of ISC concerns have been identified. I’ll be…


Internet Scale Computing (ISC)

More from a draft… A Definition for Internet Scale Computing ISC is a distributed, globally accessible fabric of resources for highly scalable and efficiently managed solutions. Distributed, Globally Accessible – Location transparency is a critical capability for enabling highly scalable, distributed solutions. Resources can be discovered and used without regard to their true physical location….


Dave on Orchestration

Dave Linthicum is blogging about orchestration and gets it mostly right.    The blog entry does a  decent job of describing orchestration at a high level – if you’re unfamiliar with orchestration the blog entry is worth a read.   The following, however, made me recoil a bit (emphasis is mine): Orchestrations may span a few internal…


Enable Hibernation in Vista

Open a command prompt type the following and hit enter: powercfg.exe -H on Enjoy!



Interesting perspective on SOA and BPM here from Joe , but positioning BPEL as BPM is just wrong.   BPM encompasses much more than simple service orchestration.  It’s good to see the human element addressed here – there is some interesting work going on in this area. I assumed that the article was discussing Business Process…


Internet Scale Computing

Short excerpt from a paper to be published soon.   Feedback welcome. The only constant in the world of technology is change. Service Delivery in both the enterprise and consumer space is undergoing significant change and the line between them is becoming blurred, enabling each of these domains to take advantage of the technologies of the…