Where’s i-Technology Headed in 2007?

From the Java Developer’s Journal.   I guess I should feel guilty for appearing in JDJ now that I work for Microsoft.   Nah – Sys-Con is a great bunch of guys (I got to know many of them when I was editor of XML Journal).     Thanks Jeremy!


Because you wouldn’t use a screwdriver on a nail…

I spoke at the CMG 2006 conference in Reno last week (I gave a presentation on SOA and appeared on a SOA panel).   While at the conference I was confronted by a BPM-type who had lots of questions about BPEL.   After some discussion I finally got the guy to realize that BPEL is an orchestration…


The SOA Architect Portal

If you haven’t seen this yet I encourage you to take a look. We’re currently featuring: A free book on SOA Patterns and Anti-Patterns A detailed architectural case study A presentation on implementing an ESB on the Microsoft platform And much, much more… What are you hoping to see on the portal?  What’s missing? Let me know!…


Setting Your Sail for 2007

E.F. Schumacher, a well-known British economist, once wrote: “I cannot predict the wind but I can have my sail ready”.    With that thought in mind here are ten predictions and hopes to help get your sails ready for 2007: 1. The WS-BPEL 2.0 specification will finally be approved as an OASIS standard.   Adoption of WS-BPEL…


Tracking SOA Consolidation

MomentumSI has an interesting list of SOA-related companies that have been acquired over the last few years.    The list seems to be missing a few and categorizes some companies as “SOA centric” when they’ve actually been around for a much longer timeframe (e.g. RogueWave and Parasoft for example).  


WS-BPEL Second Public Review Draft and Last F2F

Its a sunny day here in Costa Mesa and the WS-BPEL TC is wrapping up what should be our last F2F meeting prior to standardization.   Its been a long journey here from our initial meeting back in May 2003.  The TC completed addressing the comments received during Public Review and posted an update to the original WS-BPEL…


SOA Slide of the Day: .NET 3.0 is now live!



Orchestration, Choreography and the Demise of BPEL

Interesting take on this topic from Keith Harrison-Broninski over at BP Trends (PDF download).  This is the fourth part of an ongoing series on the future of BPM.  You can find the earlier entries in the series here. Keith asserts that BPMN will make BPEL unnecessary.   I’ve always thought about BPMN a sort of XMI for…