Tasty soundbites

Jason Bloomberg just published an excellent report entitled "Avoiding Bad SOA".  There's not a lot (ok, any) technical "meat" here but he makes some great points that are worth considering:

    • Quit arguing so much about what SOA is or isn't.   (Or as he charmingly puts it, SOA debates have "come to dominate the surprisingly large quantities of free time many techies appear to have".  Ouch!)
    • Think AOS - architecture of services.
    • web services are to SOA as a hammer and nails are to a house.  Just because you have one is no guarentee you'll get the other.
    • Don't let IT run your SOA initiative (perhaps the spell checker forgot the missing "i" in "run"?)

There are a few other good points here.  Again, no technical meat but still well worth reading.

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