Thinking about SOA (again)

Eventually we’ll stop talking about SOA and go back to talking about Architecture.  When we stop talking about SOA it will finally become a reality (who talks about 3-tier architectures anymore?).   Thanks to Harry for this one! SOAs are like snowflakes – no two will be the same. SOAs will most likely be built using…


An informal survey on BPEL adoption

Web Services Pipeline is conducting an informal poll on BPEL adoption, the results of which are a bit disturbing (50% asked “what is BPEL?”).  One wonders what percentage of that 50% crowd consists of developers, managers and marketers. How are you planning to use or not use BPEL?  If you’re part of the 50% crowd,…


XML Team Blog

The XML Team here at Microsoft just launched their group blog.  Subscribe now and avoid the holiday rush!


Can Web Services Improve the Standardization Process?

Steve Vinoski (chief engineer of Iona) has an article on Web Services Standardization in the December 2004 edition of IEEE Computing.  The article is another discussion about the apparent complexity of the advanced web services specifications.  While he writes about complexity, he also claims that lack of standardization is a real problem that is damaging…


Quick update: Larry Makes His Move

Its official: Oracle is acquiring PeopleSoft for 10.3 billion.  Update: Get your potential collectors item while supplies last!


Can XML Schemas be considered Open Source?

First off, this article is not designed to bash anyone, especially WPC.  I was motivated to post this entry to identify what could be the start of a disturbing trend – the concept of “open source” XML schemas (complete with an open source license). Licensing XML schemas is nothing new – many products and standards…


Google Scholar – good, not yet great

Péter Jacsó has posted a very detailed review of Google Scholar.  I was excited about the prospects of Google Scholar, especially given some of the rumors I’ve heard about Cite Seer going away someday.  Google Scholar is still labelled a Beta – lets hope it improves soon.


Upcoming webcast: Governance and Compliance in Service-Oriented Solutions

To be presented on Frday (12/3) morning.  Sign up here. Here is the abstract: Myriad regulatory compliance challenges such as the Sarbanes-Oxley act, HIPAA, the Basel II accords, and the USA PATRIOT act now face enterprises around the world. As agencies and legislation introduces new information capture and reporting requirements, organizations must retrofit their business…


Another WS-ReliableMessaging implementation on WSE 2.0

Andrés G Vettori just posted another WS-ReliableMessaging implementation on WSE 2.0.    He’s also made the code available to anyone that wants it. Have a look – just be aware that the spec on which this was built is still subject to change.


Podcasting will revolutionize broadcast (and satellite) radio

Podcasting is to radio what Tivo is to television. Even better, the content tends to be far more interesting – think Newsgroups on talk radio and that’s Podcasting. As cool as it is, the name is a real detriment. This is not an iPod only thing. I use a Creative Nomad Muvo and it works…