Over the hill

What do you get around here when you turn 30? A big surprise, that's what.

I came in this morning, saw some small Swedish flags hanging from the ceiling in the corridor outside my office, and knew that something was up. Turns out my friends here at work came in late last night and built a bar in my office. It's called Jeppe's Bodega, but the style they were going for was northside Dublin pub.

Check it:

Jeppe's Bodega
I used to work here

Happy hour
Me getting drinks going

Thanks guys, I didn't see it coming, and I really appreciate the effort!

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  1. Dennis says:

    Hehehe… Jeppe’s Bodega! That’s funny to a lot of swedes.

  2. Bazze says:

    Då är det bara till att säga GRATTIS!!! nu är du GUBBE!! Välkommen till klubben.

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