Well done DC!

I've never been a fan of David Coulthard's, but I was geniunely pleased seeing how well he did and how solid Red Bull looked today - especially considering what a pitiful final race Jaguar had 2004.

"My" team didn't score any points though (blame the weather), but hey, there's always the next race.

Overall, this was an exciting opening of the season. Can't wait for Malaysia.

(Oh, you don't know what I'm talking about? That's fine, that means you wouldn't really care even if I told you...)

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  1. Surprised to find a Formula-1 post on msdn!

    Which team are u rooting for anyways? I have always been an anti-Ferrari and find myself supporting Mc’Laren over the last few years (a lil disappointed when Hakkinen left).

    Anyhoo, nice to see someone on msdn talk about F1

  2. Balaji K says:

    All said and done, Ferrari and Michael Schumacher are gonna end up winning again!

  3. Tony Chow says:

    A Formula One fan at Microsoft. Who’d ‘ve guessed? Let me guess…are you a BAR fan? MY favorite team won 1-3. It sure made my day. Haha.

    It was indeed a great race. Plenty of passing. Fisi and Fernando both drove brilliantly, as did Barrichello. JV was no more than a nuisance. McLaren was a disappointment, while Renault proved to be every bit as good as the winter testing suggested.

  4. tikora says:

    And guess what?

    All the modelling software and supercomputing clusters in F1 run on GNU/Linux.

  5. Tony, you win a t-shirt! Just mail me your address, and I’ll send you the ugliest Microsoft t-shirt I can find in the company store 🙂

    I’m a Taku fan, and I’ve been that since he started driving for Jordan (back when I was still living in Ireland). I just like the way he drives, how he never lets go. He can be in third an risk a podium finish if he thinks he’s got an outside chane for second place.

    Balaji & Apoorva, I can’t say I’m anti any of the team. Even though Ferrari has had the championship sown up from the start the last few years, you still have to admire the near-perfection of that team. They’re usually rock solid, and the few times when things have looked shaky, Michael proves himself by ripping off a couple of lightning-fast laps. Got to admire that kinda dedication to perfection, throughout the whole team. Oh, and even if this means that there’s less fight for the top points, I don’t care if the fight is for first position or fifteenth – as long as there’s a good fight, it’s worth watching.

    Tikora – F1 R&D is a great example of where GNU/Linux is useful. You have a team with the expertise and cashola to tune a platform for one specific purpose and make it fulfill one single task exceptionally well. Windows has been growing lategly in high-performance computing though, it’ll be interesting to see how things develop over the next few years. Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing GNU/Linux vs. Microsoft Windows getting as much attention as Michelin vs. Bridgestone 🙂

  6. Quite interesting race today. Happy that the season has started again 🙂

    Too sad that it didn’t end in a 1-2 for Ferrari like last year, but it will make the rest of the championship more interesting. Go Ferrari!!!

  7. piyush says:

    Michelin? Bridgestone? Bah

    Wait till Goodyear get back in the game.

  8. Drew Marsh says:

    F1’s great, but MotoGP is where it’s at. 😛

    *ducks and runs away*


  9. Tikora, on what basis do you say all modelling software in F1 runs on GNU/Linux? I can’t imagine that any one person knows all the software in use by all the teams.

    When many mechanical engineers are trained on software such as MATLAB running in Windows, why make them switch platforms?

    I agree that there’s a more compelling reason to beleave any clusters will be running Linux, but again I doubt any one person knows what every team uses.

    On a lighter note, great to see F1 discussed on MSDN! I’m hoping for a great battle between McLaren and Renault this season, with Ferrari watching from behind.

  10. LLiu says:

    Tikora: "All the modelling software and supercomputing clusters in F1 run on GNU/Linux."

    Yeah, but can you do this — Indy Racing League Builds Real-Time Scoring Application in Less Than Five Weeks (http://www.microsoft.com/resources/casestudies/CaseStudy.asp?CaseStudyID=15150) — with anything on GNU/Linux? I doubt it.

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