Problems with getting Telnet access on localized Windows

As I mentioned last week, a Swedish community site has been set up. It's already producing results. One user posted about a pretty ugly bug in the Telnet help.

In short, in the Telnet help, under then heading "Telnet server access", the text says:

3. Double-click the TelnetClients group


The group name TelnetClients must be spelled exactly as shown.
If a local group called TelnetClients exists on a computer running Telnet Server,
users who are not members of that group cannot access the computer by using Telnet.

The problem is that this group name is actually hard-coded, but in some language versions of Windows the name is accidentally translated in the help file:

  • Portuguese, Brazilian: Clique duas vezes no grupo ClientesTelnet.
  • French: Double-cliquez sur le groupe ClientsTelnet.
  • Hungarian: Kattintson duplán a Telnet ügyfelek csoportra.
  • Norwegian: Dobbeltklikk gruppen Telnet-klienter.
  • Swedish: Dubbelklicka på gruppen för Telnet-klienter.

If you follow the instructions in the help and create a group with a translated name, you won't be able to give users access to your Telnet server. Instead, make sure to use the English name TelnetClients when creating the group.

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  1. Swedish Chef says:

    What BU’s did you work in in Sweden with MS? IF any?

  2. Localization bugs are often classified into these symptom buckets: Build/BVT (1) breaks This kind of

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