Taking a sick day, I was bored enough to start cleaning up my hard drive at home. Man, I've got a lot of cheesy music - like:

Beatles - Let It Brie
Beyoncé/Sean Paul - BabyBel
Black Moon - What Gouda do?
Bruce Springsteen - Edam raised a Cain; You Can Look (But You Cheddar Not Touch)
Li'l Kim - Came Back Fondue
N.W.A - B Cheese
Rolling stones - Cheese of Burden; Peppa Jack Flash; Swiss You
Snoop Doggy Dogg - Muenster Ride
Spice 1 - Limburg Slim
Ulf Lundell - Mozarellas hus

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  1. Andreas says:

    Hi Jesper!

    Nice to see you back on the bloggin’ track, it’s been two boring weeks without any posts from you. 🙁 I just got a Dell Axim X5 with TomTom, and it’s sad that PocketPC 2003 isn’t availible in Swedish. My dad is the one who’s gonna be using it, and he prefers (Since he isn’t very good at computers) if he can understand what settings he does. Heh. He’s one of these guys who remembers where to click, but not what the name is 😉

  2. Hey, thanks Andreas – I appreciate that!

    About PocketPC, I know nothing about that, I’m afraid… but if you ask me, I’d like to see Swedish hand writing recognition on Tablet PC before I see Windows Mobile localized 🙂

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