How Apple’s new IPhone 5S bald-faced copied Microsoft Windows Phone

There is no shame in copying excellence. In fact, I would say that a core tenet of excellence is its ability to inspire excellence in others. Microsoft had the first smartphone, that doesn’t diminish Apple. Microsoft had the first smart watch, that doesn’t diminish Google. Microsoft had the first DVR, that doesn’t diminish Tivo. You…

Windows 8 Design is Calm

Across the Microsoft platform we have Windows Client, Windows Phone, Windows Server, Microsoft Xbox, and Windows Embedded. Each exists to address a specific type of device and user scenario. But what’s great is that each participates in the Windows Design Language. What is the Windows Design Language? The Windows Design Language is a set of…

New Pepsi website flatters Windows 8!

It’s a funny thing to see the new UX look and feel of Windows 8 as the core style on a major web site like Flattery is the best form imitation for politicians. For designers, imitation is the best form of flattery. When our UX team goes to they are surely flattered.

Hooray! Here’s all 316 pages of the Windows 8 UX Guidelines in one cool PDF

Fortunately, we are providing UX guidelines to developers. Unfortunately, those guidelines are seriously comprehensive (aka long). As a result, and to all our benefit, the UX guidelines have been consolidated into a single PDF document. Get the full PDF here.

Adding Location, Geocoding, and Bing Maps to Windows 8 Apps

Did you know that the Windows 8 Location service does not require a GPS? It’s totally true. So many applications have to use location and so many applications should. With Windows 8, sensors and location isn’t a “what if” it’s a standard service that “just works”. Read/watch the whole article here

Use Expression Design to create a Windows 8 ‘Ratings’ control

If you are not aware of Expression Design, you are missing a powerful tool in your toolbox. Expression Design allows designers and developers to create original vector assets or edit existing, including those created in other tools (like those from Adobe). An update to Expression Design 4 was recently released. You can download the June…

(new episode) Microsoft DevRadio: Why Wait? Develop for Windows 8 Now!

Dev Radio is back! Today’s show is a fun interview with Jake and Sam from Random Salad. The topic? That burning Windows 8 question: “Why wait to build your app?” Developers have a lot of choices to make. Random Salad has their apps in the store now. Why did they decide to move forward? Let’s…

Windows 8: Making the case for Expression Blend

One of the coolest parts of the XAML designer in Visual Studio 2012 is that it is the same code base as the designer in Expression Blend for XAML. That’s right. Blend’s designer used to be better, but now Visual Studio developers are first class, too.

Windows 8: The right way to Read & Write Files in WinRT

Windows 8 Metro development leverages WinRT; and, in WinRT, there are new namespaces – and namespace constriction in the .Net Framework. What you think you know, you may not. MSDN: In some cases, a type that you used in a .NET Framework desktop app doesn’t exist within the .NET APIs for Metro style apps. Instead,…