IPhone 5S features I want to see on my Windows Phone, today!


  1. Fingerprint authentication. I had it way back with Windows Mobile and loved it. But I don’t have it with Windows Phone. I certainly have a little biometric envy.
  2. Multi-colored flash. I have a xenon flash, which spanks any LED flash. Good lighting is important. Still, the IPhone’s multi-color LED flash is appealing to me.
  3. 64 bit. My phone can do absolutely anything I ask it to do quickly and in a snap. But, as a geek, I can’t help but want to have larger numbers in my phone’s specifications.
  4. Battery. I have never had a 40 hour music session, but if I wanted to, I couldn’t do it. If the IPhone battery can really support 40 hours of music playback, I want that battery.
  5. $506 share price. I’m vested at around $30 per share for my Microsoft stock. Perhaps more than anything else, I would like to see our price per share hit around $506. Yes, I would.

Best of luck!

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