This is the most important control you may ever use

There are two version of PianoTime for Windows 8 – a successful title from a Colorado publisher. The free version sponsored by ads, and the $3.48 ad free version. Do people purchase their way out of ads? Yes, they do. Do most people. No, they don’t. So, is it worth it? Freemium Freemium is a…

5 things you must do BEFORE you publish your app.

You have your idea. You are developing your app. It’s coming along great. You can see the finish line. But do you need to do more than just develop your app? Here are 10 things you should do before you publish.

Walkthrough: Create a whiteboard app in 10 minutes

Recently, I updated my Timer App to version 2. And, one feature I added was a whiteboard. Letting your user draw a picture is cool. It’s also quite useful if they need to express a thousand words quickly. Anyway, I wrote it and thought, “this is easy!”. So, I thought I would share the technique….

When Windows 8 copies Windows Phone, we are all winners

Windows 8 is the reimagining of Windows. Sure. But, let’s not forget, Windows 8 didn’t invent the new design language, Windows Phone did. To be fair Windows Media Center introduced the first low-chrome Microsoft UI for the 10 foot experience. Zune, then, adopted that clean approach and adjusted it for a small touch screen. But,…

Walkthrough: Let’s build a control like that awesome new one in Windows 8.1.

If you are like me, then every time you get a new MSDN magazine, you flip to the advertisements first. There’s nothing cooler than looking to see what component and control vendors come up with and present as next-gen UI. I have my own ideas on UX, but I would be dishonest if I didn’t…

At last! A replacement to the Microsoft 7000. Thank you!

About 80 years ago (more like 10) Microsoft released the Natural Ergonomic Desktop 7000. The keyboard, mouse combo was unparalleled in ergonomic value. A culmination in ergonomic research, the 7000 was superior for several reasons!

Here are some of the new things in Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 is imminent. What’s the word on the consumer features new to the update? Here’s the top of the list. Search Get results form your PC (like files, songs, and settings) and from the web with Bing. For some searches, you can tap or click right from the results to open maps, play songs,…

Windows 8 apps need 28 logo varietals; enter Expression Design

One of the best parts of Expression Design transitioning to a free download is that it is now free. Design is awesome to create complex vector art and export it as XAML. Design can also create various sizes of the same design so your Store app can be successful. Note: You can download Design here….

Windows 8: XAML Manipulation using Attached Properties

In this previous article I discussed methods using XAML Manipulation Events with gestures to transform your UI, making it interactive. I talked about the different approaches you can use to leverage fingers and mouse. In this article, I want to show a simple implementation that encapsulates some Manipulation logic into a XAML attached property. Attached…

5 awesome reasons your Start Menu is better in Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 is coming. The release date is close. It’s free. Why upgrade? Not only are upgrades sensible from a performance and security perspective, but you get new features. One recipient of some feature love is the Start Menu. If you have already installed the Windows 8.1 preview, then you have experienced some of this…